National Map Prototype Interface

To demonstrate how the API can be used in downstream applications, we developed a prototype version of National Map which accesses it. The online National Map does not have this capability.

We loaded our example API with dummy Australian census data, and used the new version of National Map to explore it. An example is shown below. It shows the confidentialised distribution of people who were born in New Zealand, and who owned one or two cars. (Remember this is dummy data!)

Using the API from NationalMap

Note that the raw field and value names are not shown to the user: only their human-readable titles. The user chooses from the available fields and values to show only the conditions they are interested in. The resulting confidentialised population counts are shown on the map.

Choose from the available fields

Choose from the available values

Under the hood, the application first downloaded the dataset's metadata from the API, eg.

It then requested a "count" with "group by" equal to the region field (Local Government Area or LGA), and "where" on the conditions specified by the user, eg.,CARS=1-2&key=natmap